Parham Alizadeh
Closing and Pattern cutting Apprentice, John Lobb
Shoe Making
Spring | 2014

Parham has always had a passion for making footwear, and started his footwear design work in Iran, his country of origin

“The QEST Scholarship helped me through achieving my dream which was being able to make footwear in accordance to high standards, and without it I wouldn't been able to fulfil my dream”

Parham is currently learning and practicing pattern cutting, with one of the most experienced Pattern cutters at Lobb. Being taught pattern cutting first hand is crucial, as many of the techniques can only be learnt with experience. Additionally, Parham is gaining experience in clicking the leather, as well as practicing closing and stitching in order to become more confident for making uppers for clients. Parham’s future plan is to continue working for Lobbs and developing his own designs in Foot wear business. 


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