Paul Fallows
Rural Craft
Pilgrim Trust
Autumn | 2017

Paul Fallows was originally a personal fitness trainer in London and a business owner. Having realised he wanted to do something that required working with his hands and contributing to a legacy, coupled with his desire to acquire a higher quality of life, Paul left London and pursued thatching as a career.

He approached QEST 2005 scholar Adam Nash and started apprenticing with him in 2017. With the assistance of QEST, Paul will be able to earn a living while learning the craft of thatching which will allow him to start a new career.

Paul will work alongside Adam Nash, and will have other thatchers inspect his thatching periodically in order to ensure quality control and thorough guidance and feedback. By the end of Paul’s three year apprenticeship he will be a Journeyman Thatcher, competent to tackle any roof without the support of a Master Thatcher and to help restore many of South England's thatched buildings and to keep alive one the UK's oldest rural traditions and techniques.

Paul believes that we need to continue specialised crafts such as Thatching to ensure the conservation of heritage, and continue the legacy of an age old rural tradition such as Thatching. Paul’s interest and passion for Thatching extends to an interest in sustainable materials. Paul understands that ethical and sustainable materials are important in our current landscape.


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