Phoebe Corker-Marin
Doll Making
Automata , Sculpture & Textiles
Garfield Weston Foundation
Spring | 2017

Phoebe has an affinity for Textiles and a flair for sculptural form with a strong emphasis on texture. Her keen eye for detail is widely acknowledged.

Phoebe studied Experimental Psychology at St. Catherine’s College, Oxford before gaining her place at the Royal College of Art to study Printed Textiles. Her main body of work focuses on exploring the physicality of the body through the medium of fabric. She feels strongly that the characterisation of dolls as a form of sculpture is greatly overlooked. From one of the oldest female forms, the Venus Figurines, through maquettes, to the poupées de mode of 17th Century Europe, and the chryselephantine statuettes of the twenties and thirties, the female figure in miniature has not been limited to toys. Phoebe looks through her work to reestablish the art form recognized before society restricted miniaturization of the female form to the category ‘Doll’.

With this in mind the QEST scholarship has enabled Phoebe to further her work with respect to the materiality of her sculptures. Additionally she intends to bring movement to her forms always with her joyful eye and deep sense of respect. With the assistance of QEST and its supportive community Phoebe will use the final year of her degree to build both a strong technical and creative foundation to realize the full potential of her female forms and support herself as an artist.