Rosanna Martin
Summer | 2012

Rosanna Martin makes bone china and mixed media sculptures, wall-based work and site specific installations. She is currently working from a studio in Deptford, sharing with a peer Ester Svensson who she graduated with from the Royal College of Art in June 2013.

Since completing the MA that QEST supported, Rosanna has set up this studio to be fully equipped with a kiln and space to make work. As well as sharing a studio alongside Ester, they were at the beginning of the year, commissioned by HOUSE, the visual arts strand of Brighton Festival, to make a site specific installation at The Regency Town House basement. The installation was made from primarily ceramic and glass materials, and dealt with ideas around migration, movement and restlessness. 

“Without the QEST funding I would not have been able to complete my MA, it gave me vital support allowing me time to develop my practise, as well as providing me with the networks and contacts I made which become so vital when you leave college.”

To support her practise, Rosanna has been teaching ceramics and textiles to adults with learning disabilities, and also works as a technician for the foundation program at the Princes Drawing School. Rosanna’s future plans are to continue to support her practice through teaching and workshops, enabling her to exhibit and continue to make work. 


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