Sarah Hocombe
Fresco Painting
| 1999

Sarah Hocombe is a fresco painter, based in London. Fresco is a traditional form of mural painting, in which mineral pigments are painted onto damp lime plaster. Sarah believes that it would have been impossible for her to acquire the in-depth knowledge necessary to practice this beautiful (and almost forgotten) craft, without the QEST Scholarship. In addition, the Scholarship helped her develop new ways to use fresco in a contemporary context, helping to keep the knowledge of this ancient technique alive in the UK.

Since the Scholarship Sarah has carried out numerous fresco commissions as well as other types of mural painting work, for public and private buildings. In 2013 she painted a ‘Summer Sky’, on the ceiling of the Summerhouse at Buckingham Palace, on behalf of QEST, which was a huge honour. Future plans include design and decoration collaborations with various companies, as well as commissions for private individuals,


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