Sophie Stamp
Jewellery & Silversmithing
Jewellery & Metal Work
Spring | 2013

Sophie is a Jeweller and Silversmith based in Hackney Wick in London. She creates tactile and kinetic jewellery objects inspired by industrial, horological and vintage paraphernalia and mechanisms. Sophie was awarded a scholarship to spend two weeks working in Shetland with master silversmith Rod Kelly and three other emerging silversmiths. Techniques including, raising, box-making, gold inlay, engraving, tool-making, and large scale soldering were covered in depth during the two weeks.

Sophie came away from the scholarship feeling hugely inspired, with a new confidence in her making skills and a close peer group that will hopefully be extended as the four scholars share their collective experiences and skills with other young makers.

Sophie’s most recent work has emerged from a fascination with hinges and box making as a direct result of her time spent in Shetland. She uses the ancient techniques of gold inlay and Kuem-Boo in her work, embellishing her pieces with 24ct gold.  She has continued developing a range of lockets and small boxes, some of which will be exhibited at Goldsmiths Fair 2014 where Sophie will be showing her work for the first time.

Sophie hopes to continue developing her skills, in box and hinge making in particular, with the aim of teaching small groups and one on one sessions at her studio in the near future.