Thomas Skeens
Pottery & Ceramics
The Rumi Foundation (Thomas Goode)
Summer | 2013

Thomas Skeens is a contemporary artist working primarily with ceramics within the context of installation art. He is currently studying for an MA in Ceramics and Glass at the Royal College of Art. This course of study is an opportunity that was only made possible by the generosity and support of QEST and Lord Verjee Rumi.

Thomas is now entering his second year with the broadened scope, ambition, and confidence that the first year of the course has provided him with. Having spent the summer on an artist’s residency in northern Sweden working on an experimental collaborative project Thomas is enthusiastic about moving into this, his graduating year. His focus will be around continuing to find new ways to attack the divide between the fields of art and craft, as well as constructively addressing some of the preconceptions of the medium of ceramics.


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