Will Kemp
Portrait Painting
Spring | 2010

William Kemp is a portrait painter based in Cheshire and works from a purpose built studio at his home. He studied Fine Art both at Foundation and Degree level and now paints professionally full time.

In 2010 William received a QEST scholarship to study ‘Sight Size Portraiture’ In Florence. This was formal training at the highest level which proved to Will just how important good tuition is and how hard it is to come by.

On returning from the scholarship William was then inspired to create an educational website resource for other artists around the world. He believed that others, who didn’t have access to the specialist tuition, could also benefit from the traditional painting skills being passed on.

William’s home studio allows him to do portrait sittings incorporating the skills that he learnt from the scholarship and film technical demonstrations for the website. The website is growing, and has over 3 million video views from the free tutorials. William plans to continue producing high quality teaching information to interpret many of these classical techniques to a wider audience.


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