Zoë Cull
Letter Cutting
Spring | 2003

Zoe is a Dorset-based stonework designer employing the traditional skills of stone carving and lettercutting. The scope of her work encompasses signage, memorials and commemorative inscriptions, interior and garden features, architectural and ecclesiastical elements and public artworks. Following basic training in architectural masonry and carving, a QEST scholarship enabled her to undertake short periods of further training with five of the country’s leading letter-cutters which, as well as enhancing her craft skills, enabled her to gain insight into the workings of a typical letter-carver’s studio. Building upon this she subsequently gained a Crafts Council Development Award which helped her equip her own workshop and provided mentoring and training in business skills.

Since then Zoë’s focus has been on bringing a genuinely contemporary aesthetic to a discipline which she feels is widely perceived as archaic. Her works in the public realm (Salisbury District Hospital, Siston Hill housing development, Poole Crematorium etc.) have afforded the most rewarding opportunities to do so. An area of particular interest is ecclesiastical work and she feels fortunate to have had the opportunity to create a complete suite of liturgical furniture (Church of St. Anthony of Padua, Radlett, Herts). She enjoys passing on her skills to adults and children through demonstration events, workshops etc. In future she hopes to be able to dedicate more time to developing and marketing a range of non-commissioned works.


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