Alan Floyd

2015 QEST Iliffe Family Charitable Foundation Scholar - Coachbuilding

Alan was taught to weld at an early age, keenly observing his father and uncle repairing the cars that have now become vintage and classics. When Alan started work in the 1970’s the north of England was dominated by heavy industry. He worked as a metal fabricator by day and restored classic cars at the weekends and coachbuilding was a rare craft even then. Alan was lucky enough to meet Geoff Moss of MPH motor panel repairs, a second generation coachbuilder. Whenever money allowed, Alan would spend a week at a time with Geoff. The QEST Scholarship and the generosity of the Iliffe Family Charitable Foundation allowed Alan to study for a block course. Being with Geoff day in and day out, he was able to absorb the finer skills that only come when working with a master of the craft.

I have a passion to see classic and vintage cars restored to their former glory for future generations to enjoy and to preserve the British motoring heritage.