Terms & Conditions


1. Premises: The function of QEST is purely to award grants to assist with the funding of certain projects. The Trust does not assess the safety of training or premises and is not liable for any loss and/or damage suffered by any of its beneficiaries throughout the duration of your scholarship project.  You should therefore satisfy yourself as to the safety and suitability of the training and premises before undertaking your project.

2. Timeframe: You must commence your course/placement/project within 12 months of receiving your scholarship. If for any reason you are unable to start within this timescale, you must inform QEST immediately so that an alternative arrangement can be confirmed.

3. Changes: If you are considering withdrawing from your course/placement/project before it is completed or you are considering changing your plans during the allocation of your scholarship, you are required to contact QEST before doing so. Please be aware that QEST will need time to confirm any changes to your scholarship. Should you not complete the training we have paid for, QEST will expect reimbursement of the grant, in full.

4. Additional funding: You are required to inform QEST immediately should you be awarded extra funding from an additional donor at any stage during the financial allocation of your QEST scholarship.

5. Reputation: Any activity that brings your scholarship or QEST into disrepute will result in the immediate withdrawal of the scholarship and all association with QEST.

6. Reporting and communication: You are requested to submit a detailed written report with high resolution photographs to QEST (on behalf of the donors) on your progress, within 12 months of starting your course/placement/project, and also on completion of your project. QEST may, however, request an update at any stage of your scholarship, of which you are required to submit by the given deadline.

7. Sponsorship: You will be informed by writing if your scholarship is co-funded by one of our important associated scholarship donors. Scholars who have been co-funded by a donor may be requested to send more frequent updates.  You are required to cooperate should a donor request to contact or meet you.

8. Press/Publicity: You might be invited to participate in any QEST press publicity about your scholarship. This could involve you promoting the work of QEST and encouraging others to apply for scholarships. We expect all beneficiaries to agree to take part in press/publicity for QEST, if and when requested.

9. Logo: You are required to adhere to the QEST logo guidelines, a copy of which will be emailed to you upon signing off on the terms and conditions.

10. Scholarship Finance Plan: You are required to submit the QEST Scholarship Finance Plan that we send you. It is your responsibility to agree on the payment plan with the Application and Grants Officer and provide all of the necessary supporting documents (e.g. invoices, confirmations of attendance from educational establishments). You will not receive your grant until we approve the Scholarship Finance Plan and receive all of the relevant confirmations and/or invoices. It is your responsibility to update QEST, via resubmitting the Scholarship Finance Plan form, of any changes that might occur during your scholarship with QEST. Please note that it will take a minimum of 4 weeks for QEST to process the Scholarship Finance Plan and for QEST to begin making payments on your scholarship. Please also note that all payments are made once a month, toward the end of each month.

11. Proof of enrolment / forthcoming attendance: You are required to provide written or e-mailed confirmation from the educational establishment or individual with whom you will be carrying out your project, marked for the Application and Grants Officer’s attention. This must confirm your forthcoming enrolment, as well as the start and end date, before any payment can be processed.

12. Give-back: Beyond the duration of your scholarship, we will expect regular updates and photos from you regarding how your career is progressing. We will also expect you to be a life-long QEST ambassador, positively promoting QEST throughout your career and helping with any fundraising initiatives. Although not mandatory, there is an expectation that scholars will be expected to donate an item of their work or skills to QEST, provide content for QEST communications (such as stories/updates/blogs for web and magazine), and participate in QEST-led events.

13. RWHA/QEST Annual Luncheon: Scholars are expected to make themselves available to display/demonstrate at the Royal Warrant Holders Association Annual Luncheon in London. Further details will be sent via email.



1. Premises: The function of QEST is to assist with the funding of the specified Apprenticeship. The Trust does not assess the safety of training or premises and is not liable for any loss and/or damage suffered by the Employer and Apprentice(s) throughout the duration of the Apprenticeship.

2. Eligible allocation of monetary support: QEST will supply the agreed amount of funding to the Apprentice(s)’ Employer for support of any, or all, of the following: salary contribution, training (internal and/or external); materials and equipment. The Employer will be expected to agree with QEST on the Apprenticeship payment Finance Plan and allocate the funding clearly in their accounting.

3. Apprenticeship Finance Plan: The Employer will be required to complete and submit the Apprenticeship Finance Plan form. In addition to the completed form, please include supporting documents related to the Apprenticeship, such as a copy of the Apprenticeship Employment Contract with an appropriate probation period, showing the salary, and other agreed expenses (e.g. tuition costs, equipment, materials. If any changes happen during the course of the Apprenticeship, please resubmit the Finance Plan for consideration. If you do not adhere to reporting criteria (see point 9), we will consider suspending funding.

Please note, upon receipt of the form it will take QEST up to 4 weeks to arrange the financing and begin the payments. Please note all payments are made once a month, near the end the month.

4. Proof of enrolment/forthcoming attendance: If the Apprentice will be undertaking any formal or accredited training with this grant, please send confirmation (e.g. enrolment form or invoice) from the educational establishment/individual with whom they will be carrying out the course/training. Please confirm enrolment and start/finish dates.

5. Timeframe: This grant is available to claim in the time period agreed (between 1-3 years). The Employer and Apprentice must begin to make use of the grant within 12 calendar months of receipt of the QEST award. If this is not the case, QEST must be notified, and an updated finance plan must be submitted for consideration.

6. Additional funding: Should any funding from another third party be obtained for the same Apprenticeship, QEST must be informed immediately (this includes government funding, funding from charities, or any other source).

7. Reputation: Any activity that brings your Company, the Apprentice or QEST into disrepute and/or damages working relationships with Stakeholders will result in the immediate withdrawal of the Apprenticeship and all association with QEST.

8. Reporting and Issues:

  1. You (the Employer and the Apprentice) are required to complete a short report every three months from the commencement of the Apprenticeship.
  2. You (the Employer and the Apprentice) are required to submit a detailed written report (highlighting achievements against the original training plan) as well as high resolution images after the first 6 months of the Apprenticeship and at 6 month intervals thereafter. From time to time, QEST may request further updates on the progress of the Apprentice.
  3. If any issues with the apprentice arise, QEST must be notified immediately.
  4. The Employer must notify QEST immediately if the Apprentice decides to withdraw from the Apprenticeship.
  5. QEST will not pay for any other Apprentice in lieu of the one that has left and will discontinue payment from thereon.
  6. Depending on circumstances, the employer may face a financial penalty if the Apprenticeship is not completed.
  7. Any significant revisions to the Apprentice’s training plan and employment status must be reported to QEST.

9. Donors: Apprentices who have been matched with a particular Donor may be requested to send more frequent updates. Furthermore, a donor might request to contact or meet the Employer and/or the Apprentice.

10. RWHA/QEST Annual Luncheon: Apprentices and Employers are expected to make themselves available to display/demonstrate at the Royal Warrant Holders Association Annual Luncheon in London.

11. Press/Publicity: QEST Apprentices and Employers might be invited to participate in any QEST press publicity about their Apprenticeship.

12. Logo: The Employer and the Apprentice can use the QEST logo on their promotional materials. The QEST logo and brand guidelines will be emailed in due course.

13. Beyond the Apprenticeship: Beyond the life of the Apprenticeship, we like to be updated on how the Apprentice’s career is progressing. As part of being a QEST Apprentice, you will receive regular updates for opportunities to showcase and/or demonstrate your craft at particular events.