A curated selection of scholars and their work

Su Blackwell

Su is an artist who works primarily in the realm of paper.  Often taking fairy-tales and folklore as inspiration, she cuts images and shapes from vintage books to create intricate paper sculptures and three-dimensional dioramas, as well as other imaginative forms of paper art.

Mark Angelo-Gizzi

Based in Knebworth, Hertfordshire, Mark Angelo-Gizzi produces handmade leather satchels and bags from the very best materials. Following the traditions of craft leatherwork, every aspect of each bag, from the cutting and stitching to the finishing, is done completely by hand.

Joanna Manousis

By building texture and colour both within and on the surface of glass forms, Joanna crafts artworks which prompt a conceptual dialogue whilst remaining visually beautiful.

Jemma Gunning

Jemma's printmaking practice explores the landscape, documenting social and historical significance's that are visible of being lost. Decaying architectural surface layers provide a trace and glimpse of our past history, fuelling her desire to visually record and document these transient states.

Tom Vaughan

Tom creates beautiful, sculptural pieces of furniture combining traditional craftsmanship techniques with contemporary design and manufacture. Working from his studio, Object Studio, he pursues ever more complex forms pushing materials and processes to their limits.

Beatrice Larkin

Beatrice specialises in modern woven textiles, accessories and interior products. Taking inspiration from West African textiles, The Bauhaus, traditional weave structures and more, Bea then turns these sketches into jacquard weaves, playing with scale and repeat, focusing on the structure and design of the cloth in equal measure.