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equity, diversity & inclusion at qest

The Queen Elizabeth Scholarship Trust (QEST) believes that diversity of all kinds enriches its mission to support excellence in British craftsmanship. It is the charity’s intention to achieve greater equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) across the organisation; its wider network and amongst those it supports, regardless of their background.

We recognise that our commitment to EDI requires constant learning. We are on a journey, and we know we must evolve and improve.

We continually review our aims, actions and practices, ensuring that we are transparent in our commitment to, and reporting of, all matters relating to EDI.

Aims include:

○  Continually evolving our knowledge and understanding of EDI across the organisation

○  Building a more diverse and inclusive organisation - including makers, employees, trustees, ambassadors, skills advisors, partners

○  Recognising, valuing, respecting - and celebrating - difference

○  Actively tackling systemic barriers to becoming a professional maker, including racism, inequality of access to education and training, and socio-economic barriers

We are working hard to take a positive, proactive approach to EDI:

○  We comprehensively monitor EDI statistics to better inform, tailor and monitor the effectiveness of our work and operations

○  Our EDI Sub-Committee, comprising trustee representatives and team members, guides our strategy, and is directly responsible to the QEST Board

○  Our EDI Scholar Focus Group ensures that those with lived experiences from our scholar community are an integral part of the conversation around EDI

○  We constantly review and update our application form and guidance notes to ensure information is accessible and open to all

○  We provide support to applicants throughout the application and interview process, regardless of background or disability; and offer specific support for dyslexic applicants

○  We have hired an Education & Partnerships Manager (September 2022) to establish new partnerships and initiatives to increase our diversity and widening support and engagement, specifically around young people, and focusing on those from disadvantaged backgrounds and under-represented communities

○  We post internal job opportunities on a wide range of sites including Diversify to encourage a diverse pool of applicants


Updated January 2024

Please see the EDI statistics from the 2023 cohort of Scholars, Emerging Makers and Apprentices here.


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