QEST Award for Excellence

QEST Award for Excellence

Sponsored by Thomas Fattorini Ltd

The QEST Award for Excellence is awarded annually to a QEST Scholar who has made an outstanding contribution to their craft and the sector, whilst demonstrating their commitment to training and passing on skills to the next generation. The winner is presented with an engraved medal and £1,000 prize.

Tom Fattorini explains:

When we were granted our Royal Warrant of Appointment to HM The Queen as Manufacturer of Insignia, Honours and Awards in 2008 I learnt about QEST and understood, as in my own trade, the supreme importance of people and their skills. I saw that we needed to encourage and preserve these amazing skills for the future and celebrate those that have given their lives to their craft and who are also passing on their valuable experience to new generations. Thus, the QEST Award for Excellence was born, which we are proud to support.


2024 Winner: Kayo Saito

QEST Scholar - Jewellery

Kayo Saito is a 2016 QEST Scholar and our 12th recipient of the QEST Award for Excellence. She is an award winning jeweller who uses her goldsmith skills to create organic forms of great subtlety, forged from 18 carat gold and silver. Her unique sculptural jewellery is a hybrid of Japanese and European aesthetics and techniques. 

Throughout her career, Kayo has received numerous awards. In 2023, her work was acquired by the V&A – whist showcasing with QEST at Collect  – and recognised with the Trade Warden’s Award at Goldsmith’s Fair 2023.


Previous Winners

2023: Eleanor Lakelin - 2018 QEST Turners’ Company Scholar - Woodturning & Sculpture

2022: Charlotte De Syllas - 1999 QEST Scholar - Jewellery

2021: Annemarie O'Sullivan - 2016 QEST D'Oyly Carte Charitable Trust Scholar - Basketmaking

2020: Andrian Melka - 2008 QEST Scholar - Sculpture & Stone Carving

2019: Rod Kelly - 2000 QEST Scholar - Goldsmithing & Silversmithing

2018: Deborah Carré - 1997 QEST Scholar - Shoemaking

2017: Bob Johnston - 2004 QEST Scholar - Basketmaking & Willow Sculpture

2016: Franki Brewer & Juliet Bailey - 2013 QEST Scholars - Woven Textile Design & Weaving

2015: Joey Richardson - 2012 QEST Carpenters' Company Scholar - Woodturning & Glass Artistry

2014: Shem Mackey - 1998 QEST Scholar - Luthiery

2013: Mel Howse - 2008 QEST Scholar - Vitreous Art

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