Joey Richardson

2012 QEST Carpenters' Company Scholar - Woodturning & Glass Artistry

Joey is an English artist known for her delicate turned wood forms. Her QEST Carpenters’ Company Scholarship funded development studies in America.  Here she learnt to cast her wooden forms in glass, creating a new and exciting concept. This generated a wealth of opportunities to evolve her wood turning and experiment with mixed media. Augmenting her craft skills with a theoretical depth, she gained an MA in Fine Art (2018).

Nature and more specifically, wood, is the driving force in Joey’s sculptural practice. It informs her themes and guides her expressions. To Joey, there is no greater manifestation of life abundant. Wood warms and restores the soul.

Her sculptures are held in numerous permanent and private collections. Inspiring others, Joey lecturers and demonstrates her techniques globally. She has been awarded the prestigious QEST Award of Excellence (2015) and made a Court Assistant of the Turners Company.

Joey’s practice investigates the emotional and symbiotic relationship humans have with trees. There is often an autobiographical element in her work which has strong links to the history of the place and the origin of material.