About QEST

QEST is an organisation at the forefront of supporting education and excellence in Craft in the UK.


We are striving to make a difference to the lives and careers of craftspeople whilst maintaining the very highest standards in craftsmanship. We fund talented people, whether at entry level into the industry via our QEST Apprenticeship Scheme, or when they are trying to reach a level of excellence further into their career, via our QEST Scholarships. Every single recipient of QEST funding, over the past twenty-nine years, acknowledge that QEST provided the essential turning point in their careers.


A camera rolls as five scholars demonstrate their craft and explain how the QEST funding changed their lives

Recent comments from
Scholars and Apprentices: 

Richard Mossman (Scholar) – “Without the support of QEST and the Royal Warrant Holders Association, I simply would not have been able to take my career to that next level. Being a QEST scholar has already opened up many doors for me and I hope many more talented craftsmen and women will benefit from this amazing organisation”

Wayne Meeten (Scholar) – “I feel privileged, and honoured to gain this award. After only one trip of study to Japan, it has already surpassed all my expectations. The Japanese craftsman have given the direction, the focus I had always envisaged, and wanted to pursue. Now I am on this path and I honestly believe it was all down to QEST.”

Sean Henderson (Apprentice) -“I’m very grateful for the apprenticeship experience I’ve had so far. I owe a huge part of it to the team around me who support me as I learn, but I could never have supported myself financially without the help of QEST. I can’t stress enough what that has done for me as an individual as well as a craftsperson. Waking up every day and leaving the house to do something I enjoy and care about seems a simple facet of life but it’s priceless.”

Libby Kates (Apprentice) – “My apprenticeship has been an incredibly invaluable opportunity for me as a designer, and as an individual. My technical knowledge, weaving skills, and design ability have developed far more in 1 year than in my 3 years at university. I feel extremely lucky to be spending my time doing what I love, and I would like to thank QEST, their donors, and Dash + Miller (employers), for giving me this opportunity.”