Sean Henderson

2016 QEST Andrew Lloyd Webber Foundation Scholar - Stonemasonry

Sean is undertaking a three-year course at York College to provide him with the practical and theoretical fundamentals in stonemasonry. At the same time he is employed by QEST Scholar Matthias Garn’s highly specialised workshop in York that works solely in the heritage sector. At ‘Matthias Garn Master Mason & Partner (MGMMP)’ Sean is developing the dexterity, rhythm and muscle memory that masons have always learned. These two learning environments enable Sean to apply and adapt his training on historic sites, and he is being supported by a QEST Andrew Lloyd Webber Foundation Scholarship.

I love the purist approach to stonemasonry, only using hand tools for the first two years. And the history – going to a ruin that needs consolidation there’s always a story to unearth too.