William Keating

2022 QEST Dulverton Trust Scholar - Ceramics
Tyne & Wear

William is a potter making handcrafted tableware and specialist teaware. His work aims to explore the relationship between beauty and functionality, with a focus on tea ceremonies. He is inspired by Eastern ceramic traditions, particularly the Mingei movement of Japan.

William was an apprentice to master potter Jun Rhee before setting up his own business, Northern Pots. He works from a large studio in Newcastle upon Tyne, in partnership with Estate Tea Co., a speciality tearoom.

QEST funding will support William in his studies at Clay College over a two-year period, where he will receive full-time tuition. The course will focus on practical and technical skills and provide a thorough grounding in studio pottery, with training in designing, forming, decorating, glazing and firing techniques. Upon completion, he hopes to work under an established potter in Japan before returning to the UK to establish a rural pottery, sourcing local materials and building his own kiln.

I always aim to create unpretentious pots firmly rooted in functionality. I am interested in finding a modern expression of the Mingei philosophy and its elevation of handmade, utilitarian objects to the level of fine art.