What are the Scholarships
awarded for?

  • To fund the education and training of craftsmen and women who want to improve their craft and trade skills.
  • Scholarships may not be used for premises or other business set-up costs.
  • Scholarships may occasionally be used for acquiring specialist equipment, provided it is part of the whole request.

What crafts are covered?

  • QEST has supported over 130 different crafts, from the contemporary to traditional. See scholar profiles for the specific skills that have been funded.

How much is awarded for each

  • Between £1,000 and £18,000 dependent on need.

What are we looking for?

  • Well thought out proposals which will contribute to the excellence of contemporary and traditional British crafts.
  • On the application form you need to explain clearly why the proposed training will improve your skills and what you expect to achieve as a result.
  • You also need to give a careful estimate of the full cost of the training you would like to undertake.

Who can apply?

  • You must be over the age of 17 to apply and there is no upper age limit.
  • You need to demonstrate you already have a high level of skill and are firmly committed to your craft or trade.
  • Less experienced applicants will be considered for endangered crafts (See Radcliffe Red List) and crafts that do not have an apprenticeship standard existing or in development.
  • Only those who live and work permanently in the UK are eligible for a scholarship.

Can I apply for funding for courses/projects outside of the UK?

  • Yes, you can apply for funding to attend a course outside of the UK, although you would need to assure us that your long term plan is to bring these skills back to the UK to enrich British Craft.

Can I apply for tuition fees if I have already started the course?

  • Yes, although you need to state clearly on the application form what part of the course you are requesting funding for and what element has been completed. QEST do not do retrospective funding. 

If unsuccessful can I apply again?

  • Yes, you are permitted to apply again should you not be successful the first time.

Who reviews my application?

  • All applications are reviewed by the QEST Trustees and a group of experienced Skills Assessors who work in specific craft sectors.
  • All applications are processed at two stages, and then the shortlist is drawn up for interview. After the interviews, a decision is made promptly.

Do you give feedback?

  • Regrettably due to the high volume of submissions; it is impossible to offer feedback on unsuccessful applications.