Emma Nichols

2012 QEST Clothworkers' Company Scholar - Book & Paper Conservation

QEST supported Emma in 2012 by funding her MA in Book and Archival Conservation at Camberwell College of Arts in London. Thanks to QEST, Emma was able to fully immerse herself in her course and undertake crucial conservation internships instead of needing to work part-time alongside her studies. She graduated with distinction and then took up the role of Book and Paper Conservator at Cambridge University Library (CUL). Emma has worked on globally significant items at CUL; Cairo Genizah fragments, WWII civilian internment archives, Indian mica paintings, and a 15th century Incunabula binding. She has featured in National Geographic and New Scientist magazines promoting conservation, CUL, and the collagen analysis of parchment manuscripts.  In 2016 she was the first conservator to be awarded a Research Bursary by the Wellcome Trust to conduct analysis and design a bespoke conservation treatment for moisture sensitive paper.

I’ve always felt passionate about the arts, history, heritage and craft, and feel lucky to work in a profession that encompasses them all. It is humbling to know my work contributes to the preservation of our global heritage and I’m grateful to QEST for supporting the start of my career.