Eunju Lee

2019 QEST Andrew Lloyd Webber Foundation Scholar - Musical Instruments
West Sussex

Eunju is member of two local orchestras and has completed a two-year course studying Musical Instrument Technology at South Thames College.

Eunju has demonstrated a passion for both playing and making Baroque musical instruments. The QEST Andrew Lloyd Webber Foundation Scholarship will enable Eunju to complete her study of Historical Musical Instruments at West Dean College of Arts & Conservation, where her tutor, renowned Luthier and 1998 QEST Scholar, Shem Mackey, has already been impressed by her skills. Eunju hopes to produce viola da gamba with outstanding musicality and acoustics which reflect the fidelity of the craft.

I love the idea of making everything with my own hands, then the violins or viola da gambas become my stories that I can share and connect with people.