Isaac Stacey

2022 QEST Scholar - Bell making

Isaac is a bell-maker who designs and makes experimental bells of unusual shapes, forms and materials. He graduated with a BA in Fine Art at University of the West of England, and under the moniker of Copper Sounds he explores the physical and visual nature of sound, through designing, making and performing with unique sonic objects using various materials and techniques. With Copper Sounds Isaac has performed at high profile venues such as South London Gallery, Bexhill De La Warr Pavilion, Arnolfini, MK Gallery and the Royal Academy. Alongside this artistic practice, Isaac has set up various artist led organisations, and was a founding member of collectives such as CHAMP, East Bristol Contemporary and The Brunswick Club. 

Isaac has been awarded his QEST Scholarship to deepen his skills in the more traditional side of his historic craft of bell-making, and to complement his innovative contemporary practice. He will train with two master craftsmen: Marcus Vergette and QEST Scholar David Snoo Wilson, learning about musical relationships and the complexity of notes that bells produce, including how to create natural harmonic sequences and how to control and understand the sound of a bell. He will also expand his knowledge of bronze casting and traditional bell making, and under Wilson’s supervision he will produce an extensive series of experimental “sonic prototypes” in bronze.

Bell shapes have stayed relatively the same shape for centuries and I am excited to explore new possibilities and to be the next link in the chain of this extraordinary craft.