Jack Silberrad

2018 QEST Highgrove Enterprises Apprentice - Bee Farming

Under the supervision of The London Honey Company founder Steve Benbow, Jack (whose African-bee keeping grandfather inspired him to follow suit) is looking after hives on rooftops to moorland, learning honey cropping and processing, and taking courses including biology and botany.  He tends gentle bees on London’s rooftops across the summer months for The London Honey Company’s clients including Fortnum and Mason, The V&A and The Tate. The Company also has numerous beehives scattered around the UK from remote moorland in Yorkshire, to organic farmland in Shropshire, so Jack’s days are diverse as he travels around tending these hives with his mentor. As part of his QEST Highgrove Enterprises Apprenticeship Jack travelled to New Zealand for a placement and he is studying towards his Diploma of Excellence in Bee Farming.

The London Honey Company is a rare organisation producing quality and interesting honeys from its own bee hives. My placement to New Zealand has greatly broadened my experience, and I am excited to build on my skill set in the coming years as a professional beefarmer.