Jadd Friedman

2019 QEST Scholar - Shoe Hand Welting

Jadd is the master shoemaker at his Suffolk factory, JADD Shoes.  He is capable at every stage in the making process, ensuring the quality and efficiency of the production. He is also responsible for the design and development of all products. Designing and manufacturing all his own footwear, and each design is carefully considered in every aspect to provide lasting aesthetics and comfort. Several iterations of a design are made and proven during extensive wear trials until he is satisfied with the result.

With his QEST Scholarship Jadd attended a 12 day, one to one course at Carréducker (co-founded by James Ducker and 1997 QEST Scholar Deborah Carré) to learn hand lasting and hand welting techniques.  This allowed the broadening of his knowledge of shoe constructions and provided the foundations for future manufacturing projects.

I have one goal when designing and creating footwear, that my products are the highest standard possible in British shoemaking, maintaining our position as the British masters of stitchdown construction footwear.