Jazmine Miles Long

2023 QEST Scholar - Taxidermy
East Sussex

A taxidermist, artist and natural history restorer, Jazmine specializes in creating ethically sourced bespoke taxidermy for galleries and museums, promoting ethical practices and delivering lectures and workshops at various institutions. She aims to elevate taxidermy as a respected art form, shedding light on its scientific and cultural benefits, and also runs educational workshops focusing on ethics and the role of makers in creating a better future for the planet.

Jazmine’s 2023 QEST Scholarship will support training at West Dean College in millinery silk flowers to enhance her artistic work, and in the conservation of leather to enhance her knowledge of leather tanning and conservation. These new skills will support her exploration of sustainability and stability in her work.

I aim to create taxidermy that respects the animal and focuses on the wonder of living things, giving the viewer the chance to explore nature up close. A poignant reminder that life is fleeting and precious and that we need to work hard to protect it.


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