Jénnifer González Corujo

2018 QEST London Art History Society Scholar - Easel Painting Conservation & Restoration

Jénnifer worked as a freelance conservator before applying to the Courtauld Institute of Art, where she completed two years of the Postgraduate Diploma in the Conservation of Easel Paintings before applying to QEST. Her QEST London Art History Society Scholarship supported her final year of studies.

Professor Aviva Burnstock has described Jénnifer as one of the most visually sensitive and engaged students in the practical aspects of conservation. She was given extra paintings to work on, including Still Life with Bust by Mark Gertler. Painted in the 1930s using water sensitive oils, it required one of the most challenging treatments in the studio.

With fee increases and without the QEST London Art History Society Scholarship, I would have had to stop and save again for my final year. I was thrilled to continue and hope to apply my learnings to English heritage easel paintings at a prestigious institution.

QEST Sanderson Rising Star Craft Award

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