Leilah Vyner

2020 QEST Scholar - Willow weaving
North Yorkshire

Leilah has been weaving for twenty years, and established her company, Dragon Willow, in 2013. Her practice includes traditional and modern basket-making, willow sculpture, fence-making, and both sculptural and functional commissions. 

A QEST Scholarship will enable Leilah to learn more styles of basketry through one-on-one training. She will study square, made-to-measure, and made-on-a-mould basketry with QEST Scholar Eddie Glew, who will also teach her coiled border techniques and a variety of lidded basketry styles. She will also study with Jenny Crisp, learning various advanced weaves, including fitching and borders.  

I’ve always loved exploring the natural countryside and experiencing its shapes as well as interacting with it, hence a lot of my willow sculptures are inspired by nature. My basketry tends to be practical but interesting items that serve a purpose and can be a part of someone’s lifestyle.

QEST Sanderson Rising Star Craft Award

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