Marlène Lagnado

2021 QEST Benefact Trust Apprentice - Stonemasonry
North Yorkshire

Marlène is an apprentice stonemason and has been working at Matthias Garn Master Mason and Partner since October 2020. This has given her the opportunity to work alongside master craftsmen on the conservation of various sites across Yorkshire.

QEST funding will support her apprenticeship and she will benefit from the training of two master masons, as well as other experienced members of Matthias’ team. She will work towards particular goals relating to dexterity, tool skills, understanding of conservation methods and the use of conservation materials. She will also learn about the archaeology of historic stone buildings and the methods by which they were built. For the first two years, she will only be allowed to use hand tools (no power tools); the aim is to ensure apprentices learn the traditional skills and develop the dexterity, rhythm, and muscle memory that historic masons always acquired through persistence, patience and practice. 

Upon completion, Marlène will receive an Advanced Apprenticeship (Level 3) qualification in Stonemasonry. Her long-term plan is to become a master mason specialising in the conservation of historic buildings in the UK.  

I understand how important conserving old buildings are. They are our heritage, our history, our culture.