Philip Green

2020 QEST Herbert MacGregor Scholar - Stone Carving

Philip began his career in stonework at just 17 years old and is now a fully competent stonemason. He completed his Cathedrals’ Workshop Fellowship whilst working on restoration projects at Canterbury Cathedral before becoming self-employed and working in London, where he has enjoyed the challenge of working on buildings of different styles for DBR London including schools, parish churches and the Palace of Westminster.  

Philip’s passion for stonework has led him to embark on the BA Historic Carving: Architectural Stone at City & Guilds of London Art School, where he is developing a well-rounded understanding of the influences and history of architecture in relation to stonework, from ecclesiastic to domestic and regal buildings from ancient Egyptian to Victorian Italianate. This knowledge will help him make appropriate, sympathetic and professional decisions when restoring and conserving buildings in the UK, and funding from QEST will support his final year. 

I’m very passionate about stone and its use in architecture. I strive to increase my knowledge and skills to understand and replicate the styles of the past so I can sympathetically restore/conserve the beautiful details carved by craftspeople of the past and ensure these buildings get the care they deserve.