Wally Gilbert

2001 QEST Scholar - Silversmithing

Wally describes himself as an Applied Artist. He is a jeweller and silversmith who used his QEST Scholarship to further his studies in Canberra, Australia. This led to him to working in an iron and then a bronze foundry in the United States, giving him experience to fulfill commissions in architectural metalwork.  He created a gated bronze aumbry for St. David’s Cathedral, decorative cast iron roof beams for a listed building and aluminium road & rail bridge parapets, amongst other projects.

Wally has also made chalices, altar crosses for churches, ‘chased’ silver dishes for which he was awarded gold at the Goldsmiths’ Awards in 5 successive years amongst other pieces.  He created a ceremonial mace for Hereford Cathedral to commemorate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, amongst many other pieces.

I think of of the Decorative and Applied Arts as a unified field to explore, rather than disciplines limited by boundaries. For instance I have developed designs originally intended for a ‘chased’ silver dish to the cast aluminium panels for a rail bridge.