Zoe Cull

2003 QEST Scholar - Stone Lettercutting

Having been channeled towards graphics during her time in art school, Zoe realised early on in her career that she was missing the third dimension. Her combined interests in architecture, design, lettering, and sculpture led her to retrain in stone masonry and carving at Weymouth College (2000), after which her QEST Scholarship award enabled her to undertake short periods of learning alongside five of the country’s leading letter-cutters. She went on to establish her own practice designing and making contemporary pieces in stone for public, corporate and private spaces – frequently incorporating hand-carved lettering – operating from her workshop in rural West Dorset.

My work is informed by a love of the purity of geometrical shapes, the sensory pleasure afforded by contrasts in line, shape and texture and the tonal effects of light and shade upon form.