Lida Marinkova
Mixed Media Textile Design
The Garfield Weston Foundation
Spring | 2013

Lida Marinkova’s sculptural work is very much based on transcending materials and playing with the perception of their everyday notions. It is the constant urge to create a new context for the chosen materials by injecting them in unusual areas and applications, questioning their common existence. Heavily inspired by natural forms and processes and the idea of transformation, she holds a great desire to create unusual structures and organic shapes and with this create work that lies beyond our imagination like glass sculptures to wear or a huge installation resembling a melting iceberg. Materials and processes build the base for every new project as they simultaneously serve as inspiration as well as a guiding point for her whether this involves traditional craft techniques or more modern processes.

With the generous help of the QEST scholarship, Lida Marinkova was able to complete her postgraduate degree at the renowned Royal College of Art in London in the discipline Textiles: Mixed Media, where she graduated with an distinction in Summer 2014.

Currently working on various projects and preparing for an exhibition in London during the Design Week 2014, Lida Marinkova is always excited to take on new challenges outside her discipline as in the past she has already collaborated with architects, vehicle designers, product designers as well as engineers and created interdisciplinary projects, that have been exhibited in various locations such as the Tate Modern, London.


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