Deborah Carré

An award-winning shoemaker originally from the Channel Island of Sark, Deborah Carré was amongst the earliest intakes of QEST Scholars.  She received a Scholarship in 1997 to pursue a traditional, four-year apprenticeship in handsewn shoemaking, after an initial career in public relations.

In 2004 Deborah co-founded Carréducker with master shoemaker James Ducker. From the outset, Carréducker has championed shoemaking training and they have been instrumental in opening up the craft to a wider, global audience through their intensive shoemaking courses and evening classes.

Deborah was awarded the Balvenie Masters of Craft: Leather 2011 and the Queen Elizabeth Scholarship Award for Excellence in 2018 for Carréducker’s work as global ambassadors for English handsewn shoemaking.