Alison Wootten

2019 QEST Allchurches Trust Scholar - Iconography

Alison is a painter and has managed her own commercial practice for the last 13 years, producing abstract canvases which express her Christian faith, and exhibiting in solo and group shows across England and Wales.

The QEST Scholarship will enable Alison to undertake the three-year Icon Painting Programme at the Prince’s Foundation School of Traditional Arts with renowned Iconographer, Aidan Hart. The course offers a firm foundation in the techniques and theology of panel icon painting; training students to paint skilfully executed panel icons in egg tempera that adhere to the traditional principles of the icon tradition of the Orthodox Church.

The Scholarship will enable her to change course in her art practice; moving away from a Fine Art approach of producing paintings for an exhibition/gallery driven market into professional iconography – undertaking commissions for painted icon panels traditionally and authentically made in the Orthodox tradition.

The turning point for me was taking part in an Icon Painting workshop with Aidan Hart in 2016; from that point my interest became concentrated entirely on learning iconography.