Martin Earle

2013 QEST Radcliffe Trust - Iconography

Martin studied animation at the Royal College of Art and later, relief iconography in the studio of Sasha Aleksejevas. He then sought to develop his practice as an iconographer through a two year apprenticeship with Aidan Hart, a master craftsman renowned as the UK’s foremost liturgical artist. A QEST Scholarship supported a year of his apprenticeship with Aidan.

Martin has experience in a wide variety of projects in the UK and internationally, ranging from small icons painted on wood to hanging crucifixes, stone altars, large-scale mosaics and design schemes for entire churches. He paints using tempera and gilding, carves in wood and stone, and creates mosaics and murals. His work lies firmly within the tradition of Christian iconography, drawing especially on the Early Christian, Byzantine and Medieval periods.

QEST Sanderson Rising Star Craft Award

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