Catherine Baker

2019 QEST Scholar - Fine Printmaking

Dr Catherine Baker, an Associate Professor at Birmingham City University, is an artist researcher whose work utilises interdisciplinary approaches that extend into medical and clinical sciences to respond to ideas that explore our relationship with illness and the disruption of the human body.

Interested in the capabilities of contemporary photopolymer gravure printmaking, Catherine uses laser cutters to burn into the printed substrate in a highly controlled, diagrammatic way where hundredths of a millimetre count.  Her QEST Scholarship provided vital development in image preparation and plate making for this technique at Lux Darkroom in London.

Perfecting the nuances in these complex processes will enable me to master the full potential of photopolymer gravure. I plan to use this working with horticulturists and archivists at the Royal Botanic Gardens in Edinburgh and young women with scoliosis for a series of studies on trees with unexplained, unusual growth patterns for an exhibition in 2020.

QEST Sanderson Rising Star Craft Award

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