James Harrison

2018 QEST Scholar - Printmaking

In 2015, with his brother Ed, James launched an interactive print series, Under the Skin. Their mission is to both celebrate and raise awareness of species by using the concept of interactive printmaking to inform people about the extinction of species and growing environmental issues. Under UV light the animal’s phosphorescent skeleton is exposed, all that remains when a species becomes extinct. They are dedicated to producing sustainable, meaningful and innovative screenprints – 20% of every sale goes to a carefully selected charity specifically dedicated to protecting each species.

In 2018 James was awarded a QEST Scholarship and was given the opportunity to train with master printmaker Scott Campbell at the Glasgow Print Studio. Creating artwork for world-renowned artists such as Alasdair Gray and Michael Fullerton has allowed James to learn new techniques, work with new materials and advance his creative process to produce innovative work of a higher calibre.

In line with my values, I take a sustainable approach to my craft. Innovation through experimentation is at the forefront of my creative goals. I would like to use my screenprinting skills to explore different formats, techniques and interactive inks that conceptually reflect threats to eco-systems across the globe.