Jay Price

2013 QEST Garfield Weston Foundation Scholar - Fine Art Printmaking

Jay’s QEST Garfield Weston Foundation Scholarship supported an MA in printmaking at the Royal College of Art. Jay wished to master the craft of classical print to explore the possibilities of mass production and dissemination in fine art at a time of recession that was then followed by austerity. Jay is passionate about bringing fine art out of the white cube and making it accessible to those excluded from the art-world either by budget or lack of opportunity; believing print is the medium to achieve this.

Jay presently subverts printmaking and combines it with other mediums to create a fleeting body of “free art” where audiences take a piece of the work with them until it is destroyed and worthless. The value instead is found in the engagement and dissemination of an idea. Subject matter includes psychosis, Brexit, austerity and class divides.

My aim is to remove art from its small world and crack its potential to connect people across any divide as a unifying force.