Anneliese Appleby

2012 QEST Scholar - Printmaking

As a child Anneliese was often busy drawing, making things and exploring the fields and commonland around her home.  Allowed the freedom to wander, she had a sense that the countryside belonged to her.  She was introduced to printmaking at school, before going on to study computer based graphic design. For ten years she taught fine art printmaking, and also completed an MA in printmaking.

Upon leaving teaching Anneliese was awarded an apprenticeship with a Master Letterpress Printer. She found a perfect synergy between linocut and letterpress and her QEST Scholarship enabled time to develop her skills within a commercial context.

Anneliese feels that printmaking has chosen her. She has found her way to traditional graphic art, to designing and creating prints of the fragile natural environment that she first loved; ephemeral meadow flowers, hedgerows and wildlife.

Images courtesy of Caroline Potter Photography.

My prints begin life with drawings, either out in the countryside or from collected objects. I take the sketches back inside to my workspace and develop a design. Later, translating these images into some form of printmaking is when the magic happens!