Chloe Monks

2019 QEST Company of Arts Scholars Scholar - Ceramics

Cardiff School of Art & Design graduate Chloe developed her ceramics practice in the studios of Kate Malone, Sue Binns, Lauren Wilson and QEST alumnus Julian Stair. She enjoys the tactile nature of ceramics and finding innovative ways to combine it with other materials.

A QEST Company of Arts Scholars’ Scholarship is supporting Chloe in the final year of her MA in Ceramics & Glass at the Royal College of Art. She has been experimenting with material combinations, such as electroplating metal copper onto fired ceramic surfaces, and has been creating an in-depth library of original glaze combinations. Chloe is also studying the theories of Phenomenology, Surrealism and Formlessness and her material and theoretical research is realised in her sculptural forms.

I look intensively into the deepest details of the chemistry and material qualities. I question all possible outcomes to enable a wider range of choices – leading my work into new realms. I aim to push contemporary ceramics in ways that innovate the material and expands the category.