Christian Mueller

2021 QEST Scholar - Luthiery

Christian worked for many years as a mechanical design engineer before studying Stringed Instrument Making and Repair at Glasgow Clyde College. The career change enabled him to combine his interest for delicate wood work and music. 

A QEST Scholarship will fund Christian’s further study with master luthier Sheena Laurie. Over the course of a year, he will receive weekly training, refining his violin making skills and gaining wider experience in instrument repairs as well as making his first cello. Additionally, the QEST & Cockpit Arts Professional Development Programme will help him to start up his luthiery business.

Christian aims to make instruments with outstanding sound qualities and to an excellent standard of craftmanship from carefully selected wood. To create the beautiful appearance of his instruments, he aims for highest precision in making and for a varnish which enhances the wood figure rather than hiding it. 

In the future, once he has gained more experience as a luthier, he hopes to find opportunities to teach the craft alongside making instruments.

I find it extremely fulfilling to make something with my own hands, which both looks and sounds beautiful and will be loved and brought to life by musicians over many years to come.