Claire Barrett

2015 QEST Scholar - Heraldic Drafting

After graduating with a Fashion degree from Kingston University Claire began working as an Assistant with the embroidery company Hand & Lock. After four years with the company Claire left as Creative Director to launch her own company, Hawthorne & Heaney, specialising in her specific skills of embroidery design and production management.  Her customers include Henry Poole, Anderson & Sheppard and Dege & Skinner.

Claire’s QEST Scholarship enabled her to learn the skill of heraldic drafting with Rodney Rigby, a renowned College of Arms trained draftsman.

Learning heraldic drafting will further my career significantly. Only a handful of people still practice the skill today – either in this country or elsewhere – and it will help me achieve my long-term goals of growing my business and ensuring that all the embroidery we do is created in this country.