Elaine Wilson

2019 QEST Benefact Trust Apprentice - Tapestry Weaving
East Lothian

Elaine Wilson is an experienced painter, designer, and tapestry weaver. With a background in abstract painting, fashion and textiles, Elaine began a weaving apprenticeship at Dovecot Studios, Edinburgh in 2017. An internationally renowned tapestry studio, Dovecot offers a three-year apprenticeship followed by junior weaver training in order to preserve and advance the art of tapestry weaving.

Informed by her work as a painter and her experience in textiles, Wilson is drawn to the materiality and textures of tapestry, and is experimental in her approach to her work. During her apprenticeship, Elaine has excelled at the art of weaving and has explored her own style by designing original tapestries. The QEST Apprenticeship has provided support, allowing her to continue to push the boundaries of the medium in terms of technique and aesthetics.

As a painter, I hadn’t considered doing tapestry weaving, but when I saw the apprentice tapestry programme at Dovecot Studios, it was as though my creative career came full circle with weaving as the medium that perfectly brought together my skills and interests.