Ethan Coulton

2021 QEST Ernest Cook Trust Apprentice - Bee farming

Ethan is a trainee bee farmer working for The Bee Centre Ltd under the mentorship of Kathryn Cordingley. He aspires to further the craft of honey production, using locally bred (and adapted, near-native) honeybees, and to promote sustainable and ethical farming methods.

QEST funding will enable him to participate in the official Bee Farmers’ Association apprenticeship programme, and do additional training that will allow him to develop the craft skills necessary for sustainable bee farming.

His apprenticeship training plan will start with practical bee husbandry; including academic study of biology, nutrition, and ecology; and culminating in business development planning. Ethan’s employers hope that within five years he will have gained enough experience to manage existing apiaries and oversee new business opportunities. He hopes to share the knowledge he acquires on his apprenticeship with others, by training those who follow in his footsteps.

Working at the Bee Centre has given me a new drive to want to do my part for the British bee keeping sector to help it survive and thrive for years to come.