Steve Tomlin

2013 QEST Adam Connolly Memorial Fund Scholar - Greenwood Carving
Greater Manchester

Steve has been working professionally with green wood since 2003 and is an internationally respected craftsman with a huge breadth of knowledge and experience.  He focuses on rediscovering crafts, developing techniques and methods to then pass on through his teaching. Over his career, Steve has worked on spoon carving, fan bird making, chair making and ash splint basketry.

Steve’s 2013 QEST Scholarship enabled him to spend 3 weeks working with master craftspeople in Sweden. In 2018 he was awarded the first Heritage Crafts Association/Marsh Award to learn and preserve the critically endangered craft of Devon stave basket making. This work was featured in QEST’s book ‘A Celebration of British Craftsmanship’.  He also runs fun and lively courses on a range of woodworking skills.

I am fascinated by the properties of natural, fresh timber and the possibilities in working with simple hand tools. My passion is preserving traditional crafts and promoting them through high quality products and engaging, inspirational workshops.