Garry Lewis

2006 QEST Scholar - Forestry & Cleaving

Garry is a cleaver/woodsman from Dorset. He received his QEST Scholarship in 2006 to train with Richard Bower of Winterborne Zelston Fencing. Under Richard’s tutelage Garry learnt the ancient art of cleaving, which is splitting timber along the grain to retain its strength, durability and character.  He has worked on many projects plying his trade, including fencing, gates, boathouses and chicken houses.

After gaining his scholarship Garry travelled around South East England to observe more experienced woodsmen and gain insight into cleaving and related woodland trades.

I have lived in the countryside all my life and hope to ply my trade for many years to come, passing my knowledge on to others and to continue to produce bespoke gates, fencing and buildings.