Gold Maria Akanbi

2021 QEST Scholar - Fine Art: Multidisciplinary

Gold is a British-Nigerian multidisciplinary artist with a BA in Fine Art from Liverpool John Moores University. Her multi-media works explore themes such as psychogeography, synaesthesia and sensory overload, alternative history and epigenetic trauma using various mediums and formats such as painting, muralism, installation, collage, performance, photography, filmmaking, book-making, spoken word and poetry, They also bring together interests including Afro-futurism, Traditional African spirituality, the Black Body and the physical landscape with her experience of neuro-divergence.

A QEST Scholarship will support Gold in a MFA at Ruskin School of Art at Oxford University where she will develop her skills in painting, sculpture, installation, book-making, experimental photography and collage.

I was always scared to pursue art, not realising that I didn’t have to be a Dutch Master to truly be a great artist. The strength and resilience of creativity and how it is applied throughout our daily lives, is something that has continue to feed and foster my joy and love of life. I love being an artist and I love inspiring others through art.