Sarah Jarman

2015 QEST Brian Mercer & Radcliffe Trust Apprentice - Traditional Signwriting

Sarah is a traditional sign writer based in North Yorkshire. With a lifelong passion for painting and experience of working in the museum sector, Sarah was able to undertake a full time year long apprenticeship beginning in winter 2015 with sign writer and coach painter Phil Anderson. Funding allowed the time needed to learn the multiple skills involved in this craft, including setting out hand lettering, lining, coach painting and application of gold leaf. Sarah was able to work on projects including the repaint of a 1907 Sheffield tram, a large interior wall mural at Middlesbrough Modern Art Gallery, and restoration of a 1909 railway carriage built for the Duke of Sutherland.

Sarah has now built up her own business and portfolio of work. She is helping to fill a skills gap in hand painted work for businesses, councils, individuals and museums.

Seeing a sign writer at work on the high street or applying sheets of gold leaf, people are delighted to find that hand painted work is available for their project, breathing life into what was for a time widely called “a dying art”.