Jack McGonigle

2017 QEST Apprentice - Ceramics

Jack is a potter living and working on the north coast of Northern Ireland. He produces handmade functional vessels using forms and patterns inspired by traditional Korean and Japanese aesthetics. With stoneware and porcelain clay, Jack communicates his experience of the local coastline through a myriad of fluid and painterly designs. Unplanned and unexpected surface qualities result from the firing process and add to the appeal of his work. In view of this, Jack perceives ‘making’ and ‘firing’ to be one complete design process; the latter acts as a catalyst that encourages serendipity in his work.

Jack received a QEST Apprenticeship from January 2018 – 2019 to continue working at Adam Frew Ceramics. This was an invaluable opportunity providing ‘hands-on’ experience and key insights into running a craft business. Without this knowledge Jack believes that he would be less able to establish and develop his own sustainable business.

I love living on the North Coast of Ireland with its wild weather, soft tones, big skies and constant fluctuation. It’s a humble yet exciting place to be. I try to communicate this, making subtle changes in designs and tones from one pot to the next and not always intentionally.