Natalia Kasprzycka

2019 QEST Radcliffe Trust Scholar - Ceramics

Natalia graduated in 3D Design from the University of the Arts: Camberwell College of Arts in 2018.  Central to her practice is a desire to strengthen the link between a potter and their natural surroundings by exploring local clays and ashes.

QEST is supporting Natalia’s next step towards setting up a studio combining pottery with history and geology: a two-year, skills-based Diploma taught by working potters at Clay College Stoke, a new school in the heart of the Stoke-on-Trent potteries.  The syllabus is designed to create technical specialists and business-conscious makers to protect and augment British studio ceramics. 

For centuries artisans have extracted beauty from materials and thoroughly understood their surroundings; especially in ceramics, wares could be seen as extensions of the potter’s landscape. As globalised production brings endless materials of unknown origin, I try reconnect this relationship in my work, displaying raw clays to finished item step-by-step to tell stories with a sense of place.